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Premium Service Package


What We Do (On boarding + Migration + Premium Product Support )

Marketing Automation is a complex software. Deploying Marketing Automation needs lot of hand holding and assistance. Various reports suggest that successful marketing automation deployment needs a dedicated and knowledgeable team. Hiring a dedicated team is often “too much cost” for SMB. Many SMB who have tried by themselves have overall had a bad experience.

We have designed a “Premium Service Package” where you get a “Dedicated Customer Success” team which ensures successful Marketing Automation deployment, on-boarding, migration and continuous product usage. We highly recommend this plan with every Product purchase plan. Inclusions -Dedicated Customer Success Manager Complete On-boarding Assistance and Support

We create/execute all the tech-stuff, end-to-end. It includes work like

o  Website session tracking

o  Email templates

o  Landing page templates

o  Business rules for lead scoring and pipeline stages

o  Scoring and Pipeline stages

o  Automated marketing campaigns

o  Live Chat Integration

o  Pop-up Integration

o  What You Need to Do – You need to provide us “Content” for your automated campaigns & landing pages.

o  Overall “Marketing Automation Objective” which you want to achieve. We will create automation rules according.

Note - We would like to manage your Google AdWords as well to ensure better conversion

Pricing:  Premium Service Package