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About Us

Our goal is to bring transparency and efficiency to
the digital marketing & advertising world through automation and simplicity for each of our clients.  


Transparency and Reporting

Our focus on transparency is unparalleled in the industry. All our traffic is T.A.G.® certified and Forensiq® audited. We rely solely upon real, tangible results, and continually educate our clients regarding the structure and performance of each customized Campaign.


The Platform

Our proprietary digital ad-serving platform and bidding engine leverages real-time, compiled and direct-response data for multi­channel campaigns and custom audience creation. With relationships across 27 major ad-networks and established PMP, (project manager professionals) on over 600 publisher networks, our comprehensive market coverage is unparalleled in the industry.


The Database

Our database includes over 250 Million cookie and mobile device identifiers, and over 100 Million permission-based emails. With 100’s of demographic and psychographic consumer data selects, we have the ability to hyper-target a company’s core audience.




The Mac McWeeney Agency fulfills all Digital Marketing services in-house, including: programmatic ad-display, rich media, video ad-display, social media advertising, enhanced targeted email marketing, creative development and consultative media planning. We possess the skills, experience and ability to fully design, develop and execute all your digital marketing initiatives in today's competitive and ever-changing environment.

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